I rely on Lauren's expertise to keep me balanced and healthy. She is incredibly insightful and has a keen awareness of how I'm responding to stress and to joy. I value her knowledge and her skill; her treatments leave me feeling invigorated and refreshed. I often come away having learned something new or gaining a new perspective on whatever we had discussed. It's a tremendous pleasure to be her client and be able to enjoy her remarkable care giving and intelligence.

-Benito V.

Lauren has been treating me since 1998! When I first went to see her I was suffering with exhaustion from Lyme Disease, even though the antibiotics were working. She helped me recover from Lyme. Over the years, she has treated me for a variety of other issues : a pinched nerve, back pain, digestion, etc.

In 2014, I was got bit by another tick and contracted Lyme Carditis, which is a severe heart condition from Lyme and several co-infections. Lauren helped strengthen my heart until I could find a medical doctor who understood the condition and could treat me--it took months! She basically kept me alive. Her treatment continued while I was on IV antibiotics and helped immensely. Lauren is my go to person for any physical issue. I highly recommend her to friends and strangers, alike. 🙂